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Santiago Chile, our first taste of South America


Santiago Chile, our first taste of South America. It made a pretty easy starting point. It’s a safe, relatively clean, structured city with great transport systems, really nice areas of bars and restaurants and really friendly people. It eases...

Bangkok for a few days


We left Sri Lanka at the end of January and headed to Bangkok for a few days before going to Vietnam. Ro and I had spent a few days in a Bangkok back in the year 2000 and remembered...

Sigiriya, climbing the rock


After a lunch of “short eats” in Dambulla we hopped on a bus to Sigiriya. Short eats are basically pastries, some sweet, some savoury. The waitress brings a selection of them on a tray, you eat what you like...

Dambulla cave temples


After Kandy, the plan was for a bit more culture so we headed further north to the Dambulla cave temples and Sigiriya. We got the bus from Kandy which goes to Dambulla. I don’t think there’s a lot to...